Web hosting is a certain amount of space allotted to the client and also the use of the domain name to host website. Storage space is how much space files take up. It is the total amount of space on a server where you can store files, those used to create website. These files can be anything from images, scripts and emails.

Web hosting providers are business entities that accommodate space on their server for their clients. Web hosting depends on what clients want and what features the service provider does offer. When it comes to choosing hosting, the price for such service may be one of the most important factors that influence your choice.

Where to upload website files : If you want website visitors to be able viewing and accessing files, all files must be uploaded to public_html directory. This means that public_html is the folder where you put website files which you want to appear when someone types domain name.

How do I upload files to my website : You must either use FTP - recommend FileZilla, or upload via our File Manager located in cPanel area. If you do not wish to use FTP, you may use file manager which can be located within cPanel area. There must be a file named index.html or .php inside the public_html directory for website to be working properly. If you accidentally deleted public_html folder use Fix File Permissions tool to restore.

Here are the some other advantages of choosing Linux Hosting

  • The Performance Advantage : Choosing Linux hosting allows you to avail of the its other applications that are free. With all other factors of web hosting such as power supply and administrative skills equal, comparison between Linux and Windows will show that Linux provides better reliability with its stability and higher up time.

  • Its Simplicity of Use : On the contrary, the procedure of uploading and setting up of a Linux server is almost the same process as the one that is done when setting up a Windows. Although choosing a Linux is not the overall solution for every web development situation, it proves to be the better, if not the best alternative to other more well known operating systems for hosting particularly Windows as it offers key advantages like stability and compatibility and importantly lower costs for web developers.