High Usage/Traffic

Web Hosting refers to the service that combines server, operational software, network connection, control panel and help desk to provide with the assistance when need. Certain truths are inevitable - You need to find the right bandwidth option for website needs and failure to do so will result in an under performing site or additional charges.

Listed below are some specific examples of things that are not allowed
  • File upload / sharing / archive / backup / mirroring / distribution sites.
  • Website created primarily to drive traffic to another website.
  • Making account resources available (whether for free or paid) to the general public.
  • Heavy Inodes Usage (75,000 Inodes is limit in unlimited web hosting).

To reiterate, storage space is the amount of server space that is allocated for file storing needs, while bandwidth is the amount of transfer allowed from the server to other locations on the internet. Bandwidth will be larger than the amount of storage space by quite a bit in order to allow for the information you have stored on the server to be transferred sufficiently to visitors. Most small business websites will not need more than 1GB of data transfer.


What should I do with high traffic/usage using websites?

Bandwidth describes the level of traffic and data allowed to transfer between website, users, and the Internet. If the website is high traffic/usage, then it is better to upgrade to semi dedicated account. The reason for high usage is due to number of hits to the website is high or usage in ftp, email is more. Such high usage will spike the CPU and memory usage. This will affect other websites that are hosted in the server. If you have website that is composed of static and expect little traffic on a daily basis, go with low bandwidth plan or ever need more, we offer wide range of more upgrade options. We have the lowest prices on the Internet, as well as the best professional staff to help at any time whenever needed. If you need technical support, please contact us.