Websites are used by lot of companies to hold information such as products details, employees details or visitor accounts, etc. If you are planning to build your own website and need to find the best web hosting provider, there are many to choose from and finding the best support for the website may be quite challenging task.

Websites are mainly for two primary reasons :
  • To find information: This could be anything from finding the latest stock quotes, news, reviews or anything.
  • To complete task : Visitors may want to buy the latest best-seller, download software program, or participate in an online discussion about a favorite hobby.

Important points to be noted while designing website :
  • 1. Organize website logically, so that nothing is more than few clicks away from the home page.
  • 2. Button under each item that says "add to shopping cart" is one easy solution, if you're trying to sell online.
  • 3. Website should be easy to navigate and should load quickly, even for users with a dial-up connection.

There are many different ways to design from do-it-yourself templates to hiring service of professional designer. Website takes you to home page, which introduce you to what the website offers in terms of service or information.

Static design usually consists of few pages with content that do not change very often. These sites have lower once-off cost to develop than dynamic, but if you need to make changes often, it could be advisable to rather go for dynamic design, as costs are associated every time web developer needs to make changes to a static page.

Advantages of static website:
  • Lower once-off cost.
  • Faster loading than dynamic sites.
  • Cheaper hosting required than dynamic sites.
Disadvantages of static website:
  • Might have higher maintenance costs.
  • Developers charges for extra maintenance.
  • Dependent on a developer to make changes.
Go with dynamic website when:
  • You want to sell products or services online.
  • You want to interact with your users or visitors.

  • You want to provide different content to users.
  • You want to let users personalize the content.

They are usually built in a specific way, with a specific framework, and thus requires web developer with a specific skill set to manage, whereas static consist of mainly HTML, which is practically common knowledge, and any developer would be able to assist with maintenance or improvements.

Dynamic content is stored in a database. It is a complex websites with lots of pages and efficient website management with CMS. The layout and the page content are created separately. Images are stored as unique elements in the database and put together to be displayed on a page only if asked. This allows you to provide individual information to the user and let them personalize the content according to their preferences.

Advantages of dynamic websites:
  • Easy update content without HTML knowledge.
  • The layout can be changed independently.
  • Content can be personalized by the users.

Disadvantages of dynamic sites:
  • Dynamic is less visible for search engines.
  • Setting-up the CMS is time-consuming.
  • Expensive to develop and to host.

In developing an eCommerce, you should consider different ways to attract customers keeping in mind that website is an online store where you display products, receive customers and generate some revenue in return.


Database driven is a website that has most of its webpage content stored in a database. Therefore, the website content isn't actually sitting in files on the server, it is sitting in tables and columns in a database. Websites that have large number of databases will spike the CPU memory instantly. Moreover such websites will be slower in performance when compared to other due to the restriction and resource sharing.